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"Dietary Practices and Lifestyle" : A mixed influencer of Health Goals

Dietary Practices

Dietary Practices are the food choices preferred by the person in their daily life. They can differ from person to person. Individual dietary choices may be more or less healthy. However, they play a very significant role in determining the quality of life, health and longevity.

The world is getting conscious with food choices and equally it is getting smarter with experiences. It is important to understand that the experiences coming from wide range of population belonging to different age group, gender and geographical location may never be exactly the same.

Every individual is unique and so are its body metabolic activities. The efficiency of metabolic activities keeps changing with age, physical activities and mental state of health. Devising dietary practices and setting health goals brings a win-win situation when the individual's overall health parameters are assessed, nutritional status is checked along with the socio-economic factors. These factors include income, food prices, individual preferences and beliefs, cultural traditions and geographical and environmental aspects.


Lifestyle reflects how we style our life! It is about how we orient our choices, needs, feelings, behavior, habits, interests, opinions and motives as an individual or in a group.

In today's world, we often find ourselves occupied with back to back activities, unavoidable social commitments, overwhelming work responsibilities and constantly satisfying our growing needs. This leaves no room for personal attention and care. We deprive ourselves from getting enough exercise, eating healthy and balanced meal, mental relaxation and sleep eventually affecting our overall wellbeing.

Correcting lifestyle and improving it by making small sustainable changes for long term is very important for keeping the lifestyle disorders like obesity, heart diseases, Type 2 diabetes etc., at bay.

Health Goals and line of action to achieve...

"Health Goals" is trending! People are coming up with tons of advises to improve health.

With the rise in health problems majorly due to poor dietary practices and lifestyle, an awareness is created amongst the major population. Individuals are aligning themselves to different "Health Goals" like:

  • Stay fit

  • Live healthy

  • Think bright

  • Eat right

  • Move more

  • Sleep well

  • Stress less

  • Keep calm and many more...

💡But how do we achieve them?

Achieving small health goals is the first step towards reaching the bigger health goals. Being conscious of our dietary practices, making small lifestyle corrections, keeping it sustainable in longer run with periodic retrospection brings us closer towards our "Health Goals".

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