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Weight Management with Mindful Eating

Just like managing the daily chores can be challenging at times, managing the weight too is also found to be the biggest challenge to deal with.

Humans have abundance of emotions to express in different situations. At times, these emotions make them so overwhelmed that it starts creating an impact on their relation with the food. Most of the time the impact that it creates is observed to be erratic in the beginning and then becomes a pattern!

The surrounding around us is very powerful to create a positive or a negative impact on our wellbeing. To deal with this our body secrets different chemical compounds called hormones to adapt to the changing situations which also includes the gut hormones. What we see or hear has a direct relation with our feelings & emotions and this in turn has a direct relation with our gut. Likewise, what we feed our gut impacts the feelings & emotions handling and this in turn has a direct relation with our behavioral changes.

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How does this start ❔

Eating practices are set from childhood. Fortunately, the child has a good mindset to understand when they are hungry and when they feel satiated. However, in most of the scenarios this get impacted adversely under the influences of social circle, upbringing, boredom, reward-driven situations etc.

To add, be it a child or an adult if there is a stress or an anxiety factor associated, it can lead to stress eating. On the other hand, some people refrain from eating under stress as well!

Eventually, this creates an irregular or an erratic pattern of food intake creating stress in the body that affects the health adversely primarily leading to weight management issues.

How to deal with weight management issues❔

Mindful eating is the guide to overcome majority of weight management issues. It is the practice where one can gain awareness of their eating experience, understand their relation with the food and realize the goodness that the food can bring!

Mindful eating involves simple techniques:

  1. Be conscious about listening to hunger cues

  2. Differentiate between emotional hunger and physical hunger

  3. Observe the impact the food creates to maintain overall health and wellbeing

  4. Appreciate the color, sound, texture and flavors the food offers

  5. Eat slowly without any distraction

  6. Chew thoroughly

  7. Respect the satiety signals

  8. Choose food as per the body's demand or requirement on daily basis

Mindful eating and it's benefits

Mindful eating is based on Mindfulness that helps to treat conditions like eating disorders, depression, anxiety and various food-related behaviors. Practicing mindful eating helps one to:

  1. Keep gut hormones and microbes in harmony

  2. Respect the physical hunger

  3. Keep appetite at check

  4. Avoid indulge into food cravings

  5. Effectively treat common, unhealthy eating behaviors like emotional eating and external eating

  6. Regain control of eating

  7. Increase awareness of food-related triggers to deal smartly

  8. Improve health sustainably for long term and keep metabolic diseases at bay!

Practice Mindfulness, Eat Mindful

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